Happy Birthday Vlambeer!
Today, Vlambeer turned 3 years old. In what seems to be another life, on September 1st 2010, the two of us decided to work together and finish a prototype named 'Crates From Hell'. Crates From Hell became Super Crate Box and we became Vlambeer. It's been an overwhelming ride so far, and we'd like to offer a few gifts to celebrate Vlambeer's third birthday with you!
Back in 2012, Venus Patrol asked us to make a small game that would help promote the website. We ended up making a small roguelike that eventually evolved into GUN GODZ, a not so small first person shooter about gangster rap on Venus. Originally released only through Venus Patrol, for our birthday we want to publically make GUN GODZ available for free.
Download GUN GODZ (Windows & Mac) for free.
Vlambeer & Friends Art Book
For the occassion, we're announcing a super-limited edition art book filled with illustrations, artworks, painting and photographs by amazing artists from all over the world. While the final artworks are coming in the next two months, we'd like to formally announce the hardcover Vlambeer & Friends Art Book. The final price will be dependent on the production cost, so instead of allowing pre-orders we've set up a mailing list so we can send you an update when we're ready.
Sign up for your copy of the Vlambeer & Friends Art Book now.
Wasteland Kings MOJAM Prototype
As we're live-streaming development of Wasteland Kings full version, we'd like to get everybody playing that first build we created during Mojam back in March 2013. That's why we decided to also release the Wasteland Kings MOJAM prototype for free to everybody. Come join us in the livestreams on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1PM and 5PM CET at our Twitch channel.
Download Wasteland Kings MOJAM prototype now (Windows only).
1000x Vlambeer OST
Since september 2010, we've worked with a lot of amazing and talented friends to have the best possible music and art in our games. We're offering 1000 copies of the Vlambeer Original Soundtrack for free. Feel welcome to buy the soundtrack instead so we can send our friends a well-earned thank you and let them know how much you all appreciate them. Note that these codes might have already be used.
Download the Vlambeer OST (use download code b57y-hq5v )
50x LUFTRAUSERS Preorders
We're also giving away 50 LUFTRAUSERS Steam pre-order codes. We've listed one of the fifty below, but act quickly because the code that's being shown may already have been used. Refresh the page to get a different code, but do realize that it's likely that all of them have been recouped.
Make Games!
There are so many people we want to thank for their help, support, feedback and kind words that it would impossible to list them all here, but we'd like to take a moment to thank you so much for your support throughout the years and we hope you enjoy our little birthday presents! Feel free to reach out and say 'hi' on Twitter or Facebook or send us a quick e-mail. Make games!
xoxo Rami & JW